A short note to readers

I was so excited when I picked up the New York Time’s Sunday Review this past weekend and their cover essay was about selfies. It’s a good piece that of course includes a lot of people pictures — a.k.a. selfies. Check it out.

When I was growing up –the middle child in a family of three girls born within four years’ time — it was very important to me to be a little bit different. To be current, but not too trendy. If everybody had to have a certain sweater one season, I bought something a little different.

Sometimes it’s good to be on trend though – two months ago, I wrote about selfies after a few of us mom types were talking about them at a soccer tournament.

Yep, I wrote about the topic before the New York Times.

This selfie will stand the test of time, because this lamp is so funny.
This selfie will stand the test of time, because this lamp is so funny.

This will probably NOT be the most newsworthy thing to happen in my house this week — the middle school-sponsored costume party on Friday night is already taking a lot of air time. But it’s newsworthy to me as the writer of this blog.

I tend to think of my life as pretty average. These days I’m too busy working and writing and raising kids to wonder if my sweater looks too much like anybody else’s. But I always hope that what I share with readers is representative of the things that parents or people in their 40s experience.

I write for you, and I hope it resonates with you — whether the New York Times or any of my other favorite papers write it about, too.

You know how you see yourself in an old picture and you think, “Wow, that’s so ’80s!”? I hope this blog is a little bit like those photos. Long after my kids have grown and moved out, I will be able to read through these posts and remember what our lives were like when we were in the midst of it.

Maybe that means this blog is my verbal selfie.








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